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Whether you want to improve you endurance, making it easier to keep up with your grandchildren, increase your muscular strength and conditioning, so you are not struggling just to finish a round of golf, or you simply want to lose weight and feel better, each of our over 40 fitness programs is designed to help you lose weight, build lean muscle and get stronger.


Let us help you in your journey to better health, with continued results and progress well into your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

8 Weeks of Strength, Balance, Movement & Energy

The Programs

All of our programs are delivered through our Donny King Fitness App. You will have full access to exercise videos, audio coaching and text tips explaining how to perform all exercises correctly. 

Giving You A Simple, User-Friendly Experience

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Step By Step Exercise Instruction & Technique

You’re never alone when you’re using the Donny King Fitness app. When you join, the exercises in your workouts are described in detailed step by step video instructions.


Personalized Fitness Calendar

Tailored to your schedule and flexible to accommodate any changes to your regular fitness schedule. Track your progress and stay on track with your health & fitness goals.



Goal Specific Meal Plan

Achieve your fitness and health goals with a nutrition and meal plan that is completely integrated with your workouts and lifestyle.


Habit Tracker 

Our Habit Tracker helps you improve your overall lifestyle, and to achieve your personal goals by making small changes to your everyday activities.

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Why Are Our Programs 8 Weeks?

Over the years we have learned that setting goals that are physiologically realistic and within a designated time frame are the best ways for you to commit to us, and for us to commit to you.​

First, from a physiological standpoint, our bodies take time to adapt to change. Whether it’s trying to gain muscle, lose fat, or run a 5k, it takes time. Realistically, it takes 6-8 weeks to see noticeable and measurable results. So, if you are looking for a quick fix, our programs may not be for you.​

Second, and honestly more importantly, it is about commitment. The commitment you made when you decided to trust us with your fitness goals. This commitment is what tells us that you actually want to receive true one-on-one coaching, and that you are ready and willing to make the commitment to your health and fitness. Not only for the 8 weeks, but for life.


We are ready to make that commitment, are you?

What Happens When You Finish Your 8 Weeks

Once you have completed your initial 8-week program, you have the option of continuing that particular program, or switching over to any of my other online programs.


The Continuation Program allows you to continue your incredible progress and keep that momentum going! You will still have access to all the original features of both your fitness and nutrition program.

The cost of the Continuation Program is $49 a month. If you have finished your 8 weeks or are within the last two weeks of the program, please contact us and we will help you keep the ball rolling!

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