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Men's Muscle Building - Full Body Routine (Weeks 1-4)

  • 4Weeks

Now that you have chosen your program, it is your responsibility to commit and maintain consistency. This is the only way to achieve long-term success. Men's Full Body Muscle Building - program designed exclusively for men over 40 aiming to enhance muscle mass and overall strength. With this program you will be working out 3-days-a-week, specifically performing full-body workouts to optimize muscle hypertrophy and overall strength gains. Each session is carefully structured to address key muscle groups, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive approach to your fitness journey. So whether you’re just starting out and looking for an easy-to-follow guide to building lean muscle, or a you have been at this for a while wanting to change up your current training programs, this program has something for everyone. This program is a results-driven fitness and nutrition program. We take into account your medical, injury and physical fitness history, your current lifestyle, your present level of fitness and type of activities, your nutritional habits and more. This information along with your goals, interests and needs, allows us to create the most goal-oriented designed program that will make it easier for you to follow and achieve results. All of our fit over 40 training programs begin on the following Monday after you have purchased your program. Once you have completed your registration and purchase of your online program, your plan will begin on the following Monday of the next week. In some cases, we will get you going sooner than this. We have implemented this "Following Monday" policy just to make sure that your program is in order and ready to go! So even before you actually begin, you will have a clear roadmap and guidance throughout the program, helping you progress consistently and achieve the best possible results.


Men's Muscle Building - Full Body, $49.00/month
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