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Whether you want to improve your endurance to make it easier to keep up with your grandkids; increase your strength and conditioning so you can finish a round of golf; or you simply want to lose weight and feel better, our Fit Over 40 training programs are designed to help you increase your endurance, lose weight, burn fat, build lean muscle, get stronger and increase your mobility.


How Can These Programs
Benefit Me?

Most workout programs for the over-40 crowd focus on exercise for health only, but not this one. Functional40 will show you how high-intensity workouts, along with functional strength and mobility exercises can not only promote good health but also help reduce the effects of time.


Our Fit Over 40 training programs help you burn more body-fat during each exercise session - as compared to steady-state exercise (walking on the treadmill for 60 minutes) - while keeping your metabolism elevated long after you’ve stopped exercising.


Next, it is incredibly effective for lean muscle gain by increasing your body's ability to produce growth hormone, which is responsible for protein production and the promotion of fat utilization.


Last, our Fit Over 40 training programs incorporate functional and mobility workouts, which can enhance your ability to move more efficiently and reduce your risk for injury, which are both critical for successful aging.

What To Expect From This Training Program

Our Fit Over 40 training programs are goal-driven programs. We take into account your medical, injury and physical fitness history, your current lifestyle, your present level of fitness and type of activities, your nutritional habits and more. This information along with your goals, interests and needs, allows us to create a custom-designed program that will make it easier for you to follow and achieve results.

Each of our week programs are divided into four, 2-week blocks. This means that you need to perform the same week twice before moving onto the next week. Each week is more intense and challenges you in different ways. So, be sure that you aren't skipping any weeks. Work through it and trust the process.

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Step By Step Exercise Instruction & Technique

You’re never alone when you’re using the Donny King Fitness app. When you join, the exercises in your workouts are described in detailed step by step video instructions.

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Personalized Fitness Calendar

Tailored to your schedule and flexible to accommodate any changes to your regular fitness schedule. Track your progress and stay on track with your health & fitness goals.


Goal Specific Meal Plan

Achieve your fitness and health goals with a nutrition and meal plan that is completely integrated with your workouts and lifestyle.


Habit Tracker 

Our Habit Tracker helps you improve your overall lifestyle, and to achieve your personal goals by making small changes to your everyday activities.

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