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No Limits.
Just Results.

If You Are Over 40, Train Smarter, Not Harder. Let Us Show You How.

Fitness Plans For Your 40’s, 50’s and Beyond.

With 50 just around the corner, one of the things I have realized and have had to accept as I get older, is that this is a long-term journey – about health, longevity, and quality of life – in that order. Today, training becomes more about feeling good rather than the trying keep up with my younger self.


Getting older doesn’t mean you have to quit working hard, but it does mean you need to be smarter about how you go about it. Regardless of your age, goal or fitness level, let us help you take your health, fitness and even performance to a whole new level.

Meet Your Coaches

Melissa and I not only "talk the talk', we "walk the walk". From Obstacle Course Racing, BodyBuilding, Jiu Jitsu, to being Grandma and Grandpa, we strive to live every day to the fullest, as healthy and balanced as we can. 


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